When Is It Time to Sell Silver and Gold?

What is the deal with silver and gold? They are both at the highest price they have ever been and continue to rise daily. Is it a bubble? Will it turn out like Real Estate of 2008? These are the questions that are running through the minds of millions of people. Here is the biggest question of all. When should I sell?


What is interesting about Sell gold and silver right now both stocks and commodities are on the rise and people are stumped at why this is happening. One reason…manipulation of the market. Gold and silver are at the highest they have ever been but what no one is considering is that their purchasing power is at an all-time low. Right now, if gold and silver were not manipulated then they would be 25-50% higher. This is also why gold and silver are rising with stocks.


Since the beginning of time when a society or civilization has printed money on a rapid basis the gold and silver have been a great place to hold your money. This is what is happening not only in the US but also Europe. This is why it is a great time as of Dec 2010 to have your money in gold and silver.


When do I sell silver and gold? In Nov. 2010 Robert Kiyosaki the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and the leading personal finance author in the world said “As long as the US keeps printing money I will hold on to my silver and gold. Once they quit, I may sell.”


The author invites you to learn more about when to Sell silver Melbourne and gold for sale. He has been completing intense research for the past 2 years on the subject and has met with and studied with some of the most successful investors in the world.