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sSubstance strips are used as a treatment methodology for improving and smoothening the look and surface of the skin. The VI strip treatment is another progression in the domain of engineered strips and was first developed by the Vitality foundation. This treatment has quickly gained commonness for its comfort at the hour of usage, extraordinary ability to recover the skin, decrease skin aggravation scars and hardly perceivable contrasts and bring back the skin’s typical sparkle.

What is a VI Strip?

A VI strip contrasts from various types of compound strips since it offers profound results with no disturbance, and very little private time. It is made using a blend of various substances, including Salicylic Destructive, Trichloroacetic Destructive, Retinoic Destructive, Phenol, Microelements and Supplements giving a mind blowing benefit of each and every part joined. It is okay for all skin types, including earthy colored tone types, and results are ordinarily seen even after only a solitary treatment.

Studies of the VI Strip

Numerous people have left fascinating studies about it, as they report that their skin is looking more energetic and strong than any time in late memory. They experience no exacerbation aside from some express that there is some shivering that occurs in the fundamental a few days after the treatment, but no pain.

Results and Benefits

After treatment, the presence of the facial skin will improve and most of the lines and crimps will be diminished. Skin irritation scars will moreover be less prominent. Dull blotches and spots will evaporate and normal effects, for instance, sun mischief will similarly disappear. As a rule, skin will be smoother, more amazing and more enthusiastic looking. It could moreover help with disposing of precancerous cells.

The VI Strip Treatment Cooperation

The treatment ought to be done by a specialist or qualified capable Clínica de Recuperação em Viamão  in a clinical concentration or spa. Unlike other substance strips, it needn’t bother with any pre-embellishment of the skin. Any unforgiving prescriptions in the days provoking the strip, similar to microdermabrasion, waxing, electrolysis or strong strip should be avoided. The connection expects close to 30 minutes to complete in the work environment, yet needs to stay on for somewhere in the ballpark of five hours. The patient can move toward their average everyday timetable during this time. The stripping will start in around 48-72 hours and can be hidden with the help of cream. The skin should moreover be defended with sun block. Both the cream and the kid block are associated with the post strip pack alongside two retinoic destructive wipes and point by point after care rules.

Benefits of the VI Strip

There are many benefits to use this treatment, as opposed to regular engineered strips, which can strip skin unrefined. The VI strips are sensitive on the skin and no preconditioning is required; It is okay for all skin types, including African American, Latino and Asian skin types; there is little recovery time; they require only twenty-thirty minutes to complete in a middle setting, and they leave skin feeling resuscitated, endlessly reestablished. Skin will be smoother and will look significantly more young. Whenever skin looks new and dynamic, confidence takes off.