When a computer suddenly restarts, the bottom line is that it includes a problem which causes it to get this done. The way to fix this problem is to repair this issue – and to do that, you need to look through the various issues that often causes it to do this & fix them. The most typical reasons why some type of computer will restart are hardware problems, program issues and registry errors. Here’s how exactly to fix them:

Check For Hardware Problems In “Safe Mode” – The very first thing you need to do is to restart your personal computer in “safe mode”. This mode has been developed by Microsoft to load up Windows without any of the damaging software / drivers that may cause problems on the typical PC.

This means that we are able to use this mode to check if your computer is restarting thanks to hardware or software problems. The best way to do this is to restart your personal computer and press F8 continuously before it loads. Once the “Advanced Boot Options” appear, use the arrow keys to find “Safe Mode”.

This will start your personal computer without the software running, meaning you need to use it for a couple minutes to see if it restarts. If it restarts in safe mode, it suggests you have a hardware problems that ought to be fixed by a trained professional. However, if it does not restart, you most likely have trouble with the software of your computer.

Reinstall Programs EVOKING THE Restart – If your personal computer restarts when you try to work with a specific program (such as for example Photoshop or a game), then your best thing to do would be to completely reinstall that program on your own system. your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart To do this, you need to open the “Add / Remove Programs” applet within your PC, and then remove the program causing the issue.

After that, reinstall a brand new copy of the program and see if it causes the same problem. Software applications often have many damaged files that they need to run, and if your PC cannot read these files, it eventually ends up restarting your system.

If The Crashes Are Random, Clean The Registry – The ‘registry’ is among the most important elements of Windows, and is also a big cause of problems for your PC as well. It is a database which stores all kinds of settings & information for the computer, letting you keep such details as your desktop wallpaper, stored passwords and even your screen resolution safe.

The registry is the hidden gem inside Windows, that allows your PC to remember so many different settings each time it loads. This database is the most important section of the Windows system, but is also the reason why your personal computer often crashes randomly.

The problem is that each time you use Windows, it needs to learn 100’s of files from the registry to help it run. However, a number of these files are difficult to learn, or unreadable, making Windows battle to recall the settings it needs.

This can be a big problem, and if your personal computer cannot read the settings it requires – it’ll just restart & crash. Here is the most likely reason why your personal computer keeps restarting, and can be fixed with a registry cleaner application to fix the damaged registry settings within your system.