Arlo Hotel NYC – Financial District

The “Financial District” of Manhattan conjures up pictures of men and women in power suits who control the levers of capitalism. Visitors to the Arlo Hotel NYC are often intrigued by the Financial District, thinking they’ll find Gordon Gekko, or bump into a venture capitalist who will invest in their great idea. While the Financial District does of course contain the New York Stock Exchange and is the epicenter of global finance, it does offer more. There are dozens of great dining spots in the Financial District, especially those that offer lunch and cater to the Wall St. crowd. Most of these restaurants shifted to takeout during the pandemic, however many have built out outdoor seating to make sure their patrons can enjoy their dishes while sitting among the NYC streets.

If you want to capture an iconic image of Wall Street and the Financial District, then head to the Charging Bull statue. This 7,100-pound bronze sculpture reflects prosperity and the financial optimism that fuels the stock market’s continual growth. It’s an extremely popular tourist destination, where pre-pandemic, thousands of people a day would take turns posing for selfies and group shots in front of the bull. Now, try to get in there while its quiet and no one will get in the way of your bull selfie!

Another photo-worthy destination recommended by Arlo Hotel NYC is The Oculus, a multi-billion-dollar art structure/building that’s the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. It’s an awesome spot for photography, as the shape and white surface of the building offers some stunning angles. The sculpture is designed to funnel light into the rail station that sits below.

A more somber tone can be found at the extraordinarily powerful 9/11 Memorial & Museum. The memorial features waterfalls that flow into the previous foundations of the Twin Towers, with the names of the victims surrounding the waterfalls carved into marble. The memorial and museum are one of the most popular destinations in the Financial District and provide visitors with powerful messages about the event as well as the unbreakable spirit of New Yorkers and Americans.