5 Luxurious Places Where You Can Buy Diamonds From

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Dubai is considered to be a tourism destination and is commonly considered the world’s most advanced and modern location. They all have a range of fantastic benefits if you are interested in moving to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or one of the lesser recognized Emirates states. Many people like Dubai to the point that they plan to buy an apartment or buy villa in Dubai immediately.

Dubai is an incredible place to purchase premium diamonds at prices that can often be almost 50 per cent cheaper than in other countries for all the people who want to own diamonds. This is mostly for two reasons: because of the tax-free market module in Dubai, you do not have to pay taxes on diamonds purchased in Dubai, and because of the strategic location of Dubai, most diamonds coming from India and South Africa do not have to travel very long distances to enter the region. Moreover, most diamond dealers bargain prices with prospective customers so that further price drops can be accomplished by any haggling.

There are several places to shop for quality diamonds in Dubai, whether you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, earrings, necklaces, or some other diamond jewellery piece. The five best locations to buy diamond jewellery in Dubai are described below and each location has its own special advantages and your tastes will decide which location you want.

Gold Souk of Dubai

The Gold Souk is a very famous goldsmith’s store situated at the heart of Dubai’s old Deira shopping area, and it consists of many well-established shops and smaller shops. The diamond stock selection on display is wide, but consumers will have to negotiate prices that may not be to the liking of everybody. While the Gold Souk gives the ‘Old’ Dubai a real taste.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park is an immense air-conditioned mall situated right next to the First Gulf Bank metro stop on Sheikh Zayed Lane. With a wide variety of styles and items, the mall has about 60 speciality jewellery stores. For real diamond buyers who understand the features they want and are willing to negotiate a price with the sales staff, this is the best spot. Diamond pricing may change from shop to shop, and your willingness to get a nice deal can also rely heavily on your negotiating skills. Bear in mind, though, that most diamond vendors still have a limit at which they won’t make a bid, so if you’re dealing at half the very first price the vendors offer you, good luck making a buy!

Dubai Diamond Trading Websites

Online shopping from an internet-based store such as Fergus James would give you affordable offers on the market for unsurpassed deals on a wide variety of diamond jewellery. Since online retailers have considerably fewer costs than a conventional retail outlet with a specific venue, relative to traditional stores, prices here are very amazing. When purchasing online, however, purchasing certified diamonds is a must; most online traders will require a deposit to secure your diamond that will normally not exceed 5 percent of the cost of the transaction.


Joyallukas is among the top jewellery stores in Dubai and the first to be awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification, as well as the Dubai Quality Awards Certification by the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. It is a very famous jewellery store with many branches throughout the Emirate.


Damas, a globally recognized brand located in Dubai, offers a classic collection of leading diamond jewellery sponsored in the jewellery industry for a hundred years. Damas has continued its growth from a simple gold store to a nationally recognized brand with more than 300 stores spanning 6 nations, dedicated to giving the best standard of goods with the utmost handwork.

As stated above, these are all the places that you can go to if you are planning to buy a premium quality diamond at a reasonable price. Opt for Bulgari Residences Dubai to have a comfortable living style with all the everyday life facilities around the corner if you have chosen to come to Dubai.